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Optimised Customs and Excise Compliance Solutions

Manage your trade compliance by balancing business needs with continuously changing regulations and growing data volumes.

Customs and Excise compliance management through optimisation of processes and technology.

Excise Advisory and Litigation Support

With a focus on the Excise industry, Peak Advisory works with clients to optimize processes, assist with audits and queries from authorities, plan ongoing and future Excise operations and provide dispute resolution services such as administrative appeals and litigation support.

Customs and Trade Analysis

Our experience in Global Trade and software development allows us to use data driven techniques to cover all aspects of Customs compliance, conduct comprehensive reviews and provide clients with detailed overviews of their Customs and Excise activities.

Process and Digital Transformation

We support the planning and implementation of trade transformation projects. Careful design of control frameworks can reduce manual work and increase efficiencies, preparing businesses to be strategically placed for future growth and prepared for regulatory changes.

About Peak Advisory

Peak advisory are dedicated to providing solutions that meet individual client needs. We bring more than 30 years of combined experience in customs and excise and involvement in the development of trade software solutions locally and internationally.

Ready to do great things?

Dr. Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a Global Trade specialist with particular expertise in Excise, Global Trade automation and data analytics.

Areas of Specialisation
• Global Trade Technology
• Excise Advisory
• Process automation
• Customs compliance framework
• Trade data analytics

Mark Thomas is a Global Trade specialist with particular expertise in Excise, Global Trade automation and data analytics. Mark’s Excise and Global Trade advisory experience extends across several focus areas, including software development, design of compliance frameworks, statistical modelling and business process engineering.

During his 8 years at Deloitte, Mark designed and managed the development and implementation of excise and trade compliance systems in the petrochemical, spirits, automotive, beverage and mining industries. He also conducted numerous system reviews and assisted clients to plan digital transformation projects. His work and efforts in the field of Global Trade provided opportunities to gain international experience throughout Europe and the US.

Academic Record
PhD (Medical Physiology), MSc cum laude (Medical Physiology) Stellenbosch University, BSc (Hons.) cum laude (Physiology), BSc (Specialization in Natural Sciences) North-West University.


Riaan Smit

Riaan is an Excise specialist with over 20 years’ experience providing multinationals with Global Trade advice and assistance.

Areas of Specialisation
• Excise Advisory
• Dispute resolution
• Global Trade
• Customs compliance framework

Riaan has over 20 years’ experience providing multinationals with Global Trade advice and assistance. Riaan is an Excise specialist and has worked with clients as well as industry bodies on proposals to SARS and National Treasury on amendments to legislation. He was closely involved with the implementation and management of “duty at source” at various clients in the Spirits, Petrochemical, Tobacco, Beverage and “sugar tax” industries and dispute resolution with SARS within these industries.

While at Deloitte Riaan was the national lead for Excise. He was also the head of the Global Trade Advisory Technology division at Deloitte where he was responsible for the development and implementation of trade related technologies and assisting clients with optimization and planning in digital transformation projects. Prior to Deloitte, Riaan was a customs and excise specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers and prior to that a legal advisor at the Customs section of SARS.

Academic Record
BA (LLB), BCom (Hons Tax) Stellenbosch University, Admitted Attorney (SA).

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